The services offered can be summarized as follows:

Tax and tax planning:

Assisting companies in defining both a national or international strategy to minimize taxes, identifying possible alternatives and evaluation consequences, preparing tax and VAT returns and dealing with the respective taxation authorities.

Accounting services:
Preparing and recording book entries, drawing up annually in accordance with the legal provisions the company’s accounts consisting of the balance sheets when they have been approved by the general meeting.

Management of companies:
Providing assistance in the incorporation of all type of companies, preparation of the articles of incorporation, representation of shareholders for the purposes of incorporation and the holding of meetings, convening general meetings as well as preparing minutes of meetings, attendance lists, proxies…., arranging the obligatory legal publications, domiciliation of the company and taking delivery of all correspondence addressed to the company, representation of the company in dealing with the authorities, liquidation and merger of companies.

Fiduciary Services:
Domiciliation of companies.